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Give Your Home a Facelift

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Did you know that painting homes will not only give them a refreshing facelift but could add resale value to the property? A new coat of paint the fastest way to improve your home’s appearance, but it’s also one of the home improvements that can really boost value and make a home sell faster. That’s a very important consideration in today’s tight real estate markets.

When thinking of house painting, most homeowners would be best served to hire a professional contractor. Some people do try to tackle this project on their own but most soon find themselves in far over their head. There are a couple reasons that doing it yourself is not such a great idea.

First, it’s far more work than most people realize. Unlike interior painting, painting the outside of a home generally needs a lot more preparation work. The exterior should be washed first, with a pressure washer to get all the grime off. Then you must scrape off anywhere the old paint is cracked or peeling. Those spots should also be sanded to smooth any edges left so that the new paint goes on smoothly, adheres properly and looks great when done. The prep work often takes a lot longer than the actual painting and is very labor intensive.

The next step is to decide whether to paint manually with a brush and/or roller or use a paint gun. While it sounds like using a paint gun would be faster, and it usually is, if you’re unfamiliar with using such a machine, you could end up with a real mess on your hands. While the professional house painters make it look easy, that’s only because they have a lot of experience with the equipment and techniques.

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