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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling – Top Two Home Improvements

Kitchen and bath remodeling are the two most popular home improvement projects that have the highest impact on the resale value of your home. According to the most recent “Remodeling Cost vs. Value” report, kitchen and bath remodeling projects still recoup an average of 70 – 85% of the costs in added resale value. This means that if a project costs you $10,000 to do right now, it should add about $7,000-$8500 to the value of your home. That’s not a bad return, especially since you also get to enjoy the benefits of the remodeling project in the meantime.

If the only goal of remodeling is to increase resale value, talk to your home improvement contractor about how to get the biggest bang for your kitchen and bath remodeling dollars. Believe it or not, a minor kitchen remodel could recoup even more than the average in resale value. Bath renovating also does not have to be a costly, major project in order to have a positive effect in your home’s value.

There are many things that can be done in both the bathroom and the kitchen that can refresh, update and make the spaces more comfortable without major costs. You’d be surprised at how fast and inexpensive such a project could be. For example, change the sink fixtures, repaint the walls and reface the cabinets and your entire kitchen will seem brand new. Fixtures are easily changed in the bathroom, as well, and can give that space a whole new look very quickly.

Even if you have no intention of ever selling your home, updating your kitchen and bath can make it more comfortable and inviting for you and your family. Over time, families change considerably and that could mean that a space that once worked well, no longer is quite as usable as it once was.

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