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What’s Available in Home Siding

Often when it comes to home siding, homeowner’s are not quite sure what way to turn. The siding on your home can be thought of as the “skin” of your home and just like the body’s skin, the siding needs to protect your home and keep out anything that could damage it. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the options you have in home siding to give you an overview of the possibilities.

Vinyl is the country’s most popular choice in home siding; homeowners choose vinyl over half the time. There are several reasons that vinyl siding is so popular. Made of a substance called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this siding material is strong and durable. If installed properly, your home is protected from weather changes such as temperature and precipitation. Since the costs of installation are inexpensive compared to many other types of home siding, homeowners find it easy to stay within their budgets. Vinyl siding is also low maintenance since it doesn’t need to be painted like some choices.

Metal siding is another fairly popular choice due to the versatility in using aluminum or steel. Not only can it be found in a variety of shapes, textures and colors, metal home siding can be shaped easier than most other siding materials. This allows for many looks that wouldn’t be feasible with less flexible materials. With metal home siding, homeowners will find that their siding will never rot and is highly resistant to pests like termites.

Fiber cement siding is another good choice and is so durable that it is often under warranty for twenty years or more. One thing that is ideal about this type of siding is that fiber cement siding isn’t combustible yet can give the appearance of wood. This gives the ability to make the house fit in with period architectural styles while still having a modern siding option.

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