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Vinyl Window Replacement – Save on Energy Bills

Vinyl Window Replacement – Save on Energy Bills

When considering vinyl window replacement, you might want to know what makes this type of replacement window such a popular choice. There are actually several reasons, although saving money is one of the top reasons given by homeowners who make the switch. Let’s take just a minute to discuss the energy savings benefits to vinyl window replacement homeowners will realize from this home improvement project.

As mentioned above, saving money is a big priority and window replacement will help due to the increased energy savings. Today’s windows are much more weather tight than they used to be and there are many ways to increase their energy efficiency even further. When choosing a vinyl window replacement, homeowners can find windows with high efficiency glass and coatings. They can also get windows with double and even triple-pane glass to really increase the R-value.

R-value is the measurement of the window’s resistance to heat flow. In other words, higher R-values provide a stronger barrier to heat. That means that when you need heat to stay in the house, it will and out of the house when it’s hot out. That can save a tremendous amount on the monthly utility bills all year long. Not to mention, the house will feel more comfortable to you and your family.

When installing a vinyl window replacement, contractors also help to save energy loss around the windows. Over time, the insulation around your window frame can settle or even disintegrate so you start getting drafts around the outside of the windows. Sometimes you’ll remove a window to find out the original builder didn’t even bother to insulate properly around the window in the first place – unfortunately, it’s a common place to cut corners with less reputable contractors. Once the framing around the window is replaced, another energy leak is plugged – saving you money every single month.

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